Put your hair in the hands of a skilled Hair Stylist.

Known to Phoenicians as the HOLISTIC PLACE OF BEAUTY

We immerse every guests in a multi-sensory, non toxic Salon experience. Using Professional plant based, biodynamic, Organic Hair Care, we chose to support brands that are nutrient rich and eco-conscious. Being a clean air Salon, we avoid chemicals that let out toxic fumes, and stay up to date on Green Chemistry. Saying inspired in the Hair industry is of utmost importance to our Hairstylist and each of them stay current with the latest trends, while having extensive knowledge in the classic timeless foundations of this art form.

The vibe at Abloom is nothing short of inspiring as the walls are lined with Artwork by the Prolific Phoenix Artist, ABE ZUCCA. His ever changing range of Artwork keep Abloom, new and exciting.

Yoga is taught EVERY SUNDAY in natural light in our wide open Gallery as a way to make the practice affordable to everyone by offering $5.00 yoga classes.

  Opened in 2008, and in 2013 expanded Inside of the Braggs Pie Factory, on the Lower Grand Avenue Arts and small business District in Downtown Phoenix. We are proud to be a part of a unique arts districts, where a progressive space such as this can serve the community as well as provide patrons a reason to visit Grand Avenue.